Monday, March 1, 2010

After Lunch

I'm really bored at work - this is the third week that my boss is out of town. He had to go to India because his father is ill and now wont be back until March 15th, so that will be 4 weeks gone. SO I've just been web surfing.... a LOT! Checking out different blogs, reading over The 3-Day Handbook, and stuff.

I forgot to take a picture of my lunch today - I went to Quizno's with my coworker and got a "Veggie Sammie" (about 200 calories) and a bowl of tomatoe basil soup (about 100 calories). I also had 4 saltine crackers that I crumbled in my soup. :)

I'm hoping that since I'll be using this blog to track my food and exercise, maybe it'll help me stay on track and get moving on losing these last 20lbs! They've GOT to go! :)

I'm SOOO ready to get off work - I have to go meet my Mom at Walmart to give her my Pampered Chef catalogs (having a party on Sunday) for her to show to her coworkers...and then swing by Bank of America... and then I'm having the Time Warner guy come out to fix my DVR because it's not working!!! ANDDDDDDDDDD I'm going to fix myself another "Green Monster" and I can't wait - they're sooo yummy!!
(I first read about them on: and then found them on:

Well I'm going to get back to good 'ol web surfing... I think I'm going to look into hotels for my trip that the boyfriend and I will hopefully be going on in June - to Colorado. :)

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