Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm a HORRIBLE blogger!

I have not been the best blogger..let me wrap up the last few days...

Thursday, after work, Brian and I went up to Honda to see their Collision Specialist guy to have my car looked at. On February 16th, I was hit from behind on my way to work..while I was stopped at a yield sign. I thought the only thing that was wrong was one of the reflective things on my bumper is broken, but it turns out my bumper "cover" is cracked. It's a very small crack by the reflective thing that's broken. So, instead of $40ish in damages, it's now $418.93 including labor. Since I'm leasing my car, I cannot have it just repaired, they're going to have to replace the bumper cover..otherwise I'll be responsible for the damage when I turn it in when my lease is up. Thankfully the lady that hit me will be paying for the damages, and for a rental car (since I'll need that for a few days). After leaving Honda, Brian and I went to Chipotle for dinner.

I had a veggie burrito bowl with rice, double black beans (yummy), pico, medium salsa, guacamole, cheese and lettuce. It was sooo delicious. I also snacked on some chips.
Afterwords, I wanted to try this new frozen yogurt place that's close to Chipotle, but instead, we went to Paciugo...

I had a medium size cup with three flavors of gelato.. Mediteranian Sea Salt & Caramel (yumm), Lemon Custard, and Caramel Peanut Butter (or something like that). It was verrrrrry good! Brian and I really like going there. :)
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I ended up making myself a Green Monster smoothie a few hours after we got home, because I was craving it!!! :)

Friday night, I met Ashlee and my nephew at Zoes Kitchen in Plano.

Afterwords, we went to Market Street to get my nephew some gummy fruit snacks and I also wanted to get some spinach, because I was completely out. I got two 9oz bags of spinach.. (and they're going to good is already gone, and the other is half gone)..

My nephew was supposed to sleep over Friday night, came over and we hung out for a while..then when it was time for "night night" he would NOT go to sleep! I tried for almost three hours, and he just would not go to sleep! I don't know Ashlee ended up coming over around 11pm to get him.

Saturday morning my Mom picked me up and we headed over to our friend Danielle's house to scrapbook all day and night. Her daughter had a choir performance at the local high school's craft fair, so we headed over to that after getting set up for scrapbooking. We ended up missing her daughter's performance because we thought they would perform in the lunch room, but they were performing in the gym. We were bummed we missed it, but I still had fun at the craft fair -I love craft fairs! I ended up buying some pumpkin butter (very delicious), some salsa, a Scentsy candle refill thing, and one homemade praline (it was sooo good).

After the craft fair, we dropped her daughter off at home, and headed over to a couple antique stores to try and find an antique window for me to use... I'm wanting to decorate it and hang it in the apartment on the wall in my kitchen. We didn't have any luck with looking for windows, but one of the ladies that worked at one of the stores said that she had two at home and would bring them up on Sunday. (Danielle lives close to the antique store, so she offered to go up there, send me a picture of it, and buy it if I liked them)... After going to the antique stores, we went to Chipotle for lunch, and then to Michaels and Target.

Then back over to Danielle's to scrapbook...

I didn't get much scrapbooking done, because I was watching the movies that we had playing: The Proposal, The Break Up, Pretty Woman, and one other I can't remember the name of...

Sunday I headed over to my parent's house really early to help out with watching my nephew.. Then, when he was down for his nap, my Mom and I went to Albertsons to buy food for my Pampered Chef party, and then went back home to get ready for the party.

I had a really good turn out with my show! It was really fun! I had 10 people there, 11 including myself. So far, it looks like I'll be getting most of the stuff on my wish list for free, which is awesome!!! I still have four other people that I know that are wanting to place an order.

Today, I'm just bored - like the last three weeks - at work.. I brought "The Last Song" (that I started yesterday) to read while at work.. I'm thinking I'll probably finish it this week!

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