Monday, March 1, 2010

Looking through old pictures...

I'm looking through old pictures... It's crazy how much of a difference 30lbs is...
This is from December 2008 - from my brother & sister-in-law's wedding...
This one's from Valentine's day this year - you can't see my body - BUT you can see the big change in my face!

I'm so glad that I've lost the 30lbs - and cannot wait to get down to my goal weight - just 20lbs more! And if I work hard on it, I should be there (hopefully) by the 2nd week in May.. If I do 2lbs per week. My goal is to have it all gone by the end of May - then I'm giving myself some room, so I don't disappoint myself. LOL. I can do it!!!

The first 30lbs went kind of slowly, I wasn't really strict about my diet, and my form of exercise was walking. Now, I didn't do PLAIN walking, except for the "long walks" (while training for the 3-day last year).. My walks during the week consisted of 3.5-4mph on the treadmill at anywhere between 10-15% incline. SO I burned a lot more calories! Now I'm running - well haven't in like four weeks - but I'm going to get back to it I'm hoping that it comes off quicker.. we'll see. :)

I'm down to 150lbs - begining weight 184lbs - goal weight 130lbs. I can do it!! :)

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