Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tuesday & Wednesday Wrap-Up...

I forgot to post on here yesterday afternoon and earlier today.. Here's a quick wrap-up on my eating from yesterday:

For lunch, yesterday, my coworker and I went to this sub shop called Lenny's - I got a Veggie sub, which I normally get on wheat but they were out of the wheat buns, I I got it on white.
For dinner, I went to On The Border with Ashlee and my nephew - I forgot to take a picture of my meal.. I got the Avocado & Red Chili (or something) grilled enchilada with black beans and rice.. I ended up having to have the waiter take my food back because it was COLD.. I'm not exactly sure why, because none of the things that we got were like hard to make..well mine was probably the hardest. LOL. I shared my nephew's sundae with my sister, because he wasn't interested in eating it.

After dinner, Ashlee and I dropped my nephew off at home, and we went over to her friend, Jessica's house for a Lia Sophia jewelry party. It was fun, but I felt bad because we were the only people to show up.. I'm hoping she can get some outside orders so that she can earn some free merchandise!!

After getting home, I made myself a Green Monster smoothie... I didn't have enough almond milk, so this time I made it with probably 1/2c of Coconut water also. It was pretty tasty...but then I had energy and it took a while for me to get to sleep. Usually I'm in bed by 10, but I didn't get home until a little after 10, and then I let the dogs out and made the smoothie... I probably didn't get to sleep until midnight or a little after.

Todayyyyyy..... For breakfast I had another Kashi TLC Pumpkin Spice Flax granola favvvvvvvvorite. I need to go buy some more really soon!
Sorry about the bite marks - I almost forgot to take a picture, and when I did I had already started eating...

For lunch, my coworker and I went to a pizza place by work called Joe's Pizza. I ordered a Veggie Pizza with jalapenos and a side salad (forgot to take a picture) with house dressing. :) Work was very uneventful today...but we did get a call from our boss' wife saying that his Father is doing better - thank goodness!!
After work, I went to Target to get more spinach, because I was completely out. I also picked up a little bit of Kale to try it out. I got some other things to make dinner, as well...

This Green Monster smoothie has 1 really big handful of Spinach, one leaf of Kale (wasn't sure if I'd like it), one banana, 6 strawberries, 1tbsp of flax seed and 1c of Coconut water (I need to use up the container I opened yesterday). It was pretty good! The boyfriend, however, thought it needed sugar! LOL.FOR DINNER I made spaghetti using whole wheat pasta with mushroom spaghetti sauce, chopped up mushrooms, and "fake" ground beef (Morningstar brand). Side salad with a little bit of salad dressing...a couple mushrooms and a slice of garlic bread. It was yummy!! Even the boyfriend liked it with the "fake" meat..
However, I was not full, and wanted something sweet - so I had one apple with a little bit of peanut butter. This peanut butter is gross - I'm not really sure WHAT is wrong with it. It's the Natural Jif "no stir"...but this jar needed lots of stirring, and now since it's almost gone the rest of it is kind of hard... Gross...need to get more peanut butter. I really want to try almond butter, maybe I'll get that next.

That was my wrap-up for the last two days... I'm going to lay down on the couch or on the bed and watch tv because I'm not really feeling well. So much for exercising daily...I think my running on Monday aggravated something in my insides, and now I have craps again like before. :( I really enjoyed the running to...maybe I'll just have to deal with it...I'm not sure yet.

ALSO - I wanted to say "thank you" to Nicole @ for 1. answering my questions, and 2. putting something about my fund raising on your website! I really appreciate it :) hopefully it'll get me a few donations... *keeping fingers crossed*...

Goodnight everyone!!! :)

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