Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another Long Run

Today, I went over to my parent's house to run another long run with my Mom. We ran about 4 miles...I'm not sure exactly how far we ran, because her watch (that we use to track our pacing) died. Bummer. Anyway, so we're guesstimating that we ran 4 miles. It felt like 4 anyway ;) LOL. My left calf cramped up on me pretty much the whole run. That wasn't very fun - so I had many walk breaks, and many stretch breaks. I'm hoping that I can kick up my running throughout the week so I won't have to walk as much during my next long run. We're supposed to run 5-6 miles next Sunday.

After running, I immediately showered, and made myself a bowl of oatmeal. I watched my nephew for a few hours, and then put him down for a nap. Then, my Mom and I drove to Garland for our friend's Angela and Greg's baby shower. We're sooooo happy for them finally getting chosen by a birth mom! Their baby girl will be here in probably three weeks or so. They tried to conceive for years, and after failed attempts, they decided on adoption. And now they were finally chosen by a birth Mom! I think they'll be great parents and I cannot wait to meet the little baby girl! :)

My Mom and I took a picture with Angela at the shower - so I'm hoping that she posts them on her Facebook so I can save it and use it for my picture for today. (for the "Project Life" scrapbook project I'm doing, where I take a picture of myself/what I'm doing every day for one year). If not, I'll have to email her to have her send it to me. I hope it turned out good! :)

After the baby shower, I came home and made my boyfriend and his friend, Daniel, some guacamole - because I'm nice like that ;) LOL. They're hanging out watching the football games and playing XBOX. I'm very happy the Colts are going to the Super Bowl again, by the way! I hope they win again! Yay! ;)

I'm bummed that today is Sunday, I wish it was Saturday ;) but it'll be Friday again before I know it.. And Saturday I'm going over to Danielle's with my Mom to scrapbook all day and night. I'm really hoping that the father of the kids I babysat occasionally doesn't need me next weekend (he has his kids every other weekend), so that I won't have to cancel on Danielle and my Mom. The reason I'd cancel on them instead of saying "no" to babysitting, is because I could really use the money. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he wont need me. We'll see.

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