Saturday, January 16, 2010

Enjoying My Saturday :)

I am enjoying my Saturday so's been pretty productive!!

Brian and I planned on having his Mom over for lunch and margaritas, so I got up and started cleaning the apartment right away... Brian went out to The Cereal Bar,, to get us breakfast.. He had the "Americas Favorite" because he's a kid at heart... and I had the Monkey Around..which was amazing. It's oatmeal with bananas, brown sugar, graham cracker bits and honey. It was very filling!! After eating that, I continued cleaning!

I went to Bath & Body Works to get some hand soap and a new Wallflower refill so that the apartment would smell nice for when Brian's Mom came over. I ended up getting a lot more than I planned though... I get suckered into their sales, easily. I ended up walking out with four hand soaps (4 for $10), a Wallflower refill ($5), some foam body wash ($3), a "sample" of a new scented Wallflower ($3), two candles that were 75% off ($4.50ish each)...and a nail buffer thing. After my shopping trip at Bath & Body Works, I went over to Target to buy stuff to cook lunch.

I made fajitas - veggie fajitas for myself, since I don't eat meat, and chicken fajitas for Brian and his Mom. I also whipped up some Guacamole - I found a "Guacamole Kit" at Target that had everything that I normally buy to make Guacamole. It turned out really good!

Now I'm off to take a nap!

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