Monday, January 11, 2010

HOPEFULLY I can keep this blog going ;)

I started this blog a while ago, didn't really keep up with it and ended up deleting all the posts. I'm hoping I'll be able to start it back up, and keep up with it.

I love looking at this blog:

called Healthy Tipping Point. This is where I really started wanting to do a blog.. I just didn't know what to write about, so then I thought I'd document what I maybe it'll help me with my better food decision making. However, it didn't last very long.

Now, one of my friends has made a blog for fashion..which I love to read..but honestly, I'm not really that much of a fashionable person. Although, I have asked her to help me go clothes shopping once I lose the rest of my weight that I want to I'm excited about that! Just have to start saving my $$ for it ;) .

This morning, I weighed in, hoping that I would have lost some weight because I exercised last night for the first time in a while..probably a month.. I was disappointed to see I had gained one pound from Saturday. I'm blaming it on the steriod I'm on though, that my doctor prescribed for my headaches to hopefully "break up any inflamation" that I may have in my head since I've been having daily headaches. Anyway, so I'm hoping that once I'm done with them (I'm on day three of them, out of six days), the weight will come off...*fingers crossed*'s to re-starting my blog! :) Maybe I'll have a few followers!


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