Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tuesday Run

My run yesterday say the least. LOL.

I thought I had learned my lesson last week about eating before running, but I guess I didn't. I ate my dinner about 5:15pm-ish and then went running at 7..which wasn't enough time in between for my food to digest all the way. I had to push myself through running 30 minutes, and I ended up walking a lot more than I did on Monday. I'm hoping my run tonight will be better.

My sweet doggie, Oliver, is getting groomed today... He has been needing it for a long time now, but I keep putting it off since he was due for all of his shots. We got his shots taken care of last weekend, so I scheduled him for grooming today. I cannot wait to see how adorable he looks!!

Tonight, my boyfriend and I are going to meet my brother and his wife at Jinbeh in Los Colinas for dinner. We've been "planning" on doing a double date for like a year now, well now we're actually doing it! I'm really excited about it! :)

I'm ready to get off work to get running!!

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