Thursday, January 14, 2010

GREAT Run/Walk...

I had an AWESOME run/walk... I was running at 2-3% incline for 2-3minutes, then I would have to stop and walk for 30 seconds to a minute...and then continue running again. I decided to switch it to no incline (which is hard for me, because I'm hooked on using the incline function on the treadmill), and was able to run almost 5 minutes without stopping!! I'm so proud of myself!!

To think of where I was six months ago, and where I am now.. I'm just so proud of myself! I'm in so much better shape, I feel better about myself..I've lost 30lbs.. I do want to lose 25 more, but still, 30 is great!!

Now I have to get ready for my friends to come over to watch Grey's Anatomy! :)

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