Tuesday, January 12, 2010

At Work Way Too Early...

Good morning!!! :) I got to work way too early this morning, at 6:30am, to prepare the office for our first chart audit.. We'll see how this goes today. Hopefully smoothly.

Last night, I ran/walked on the treadmill for 30min.. Ended up doing a little over 2 miles, but I had to keep stopping because I was getting cramps. I forget what that means when you get cramps - either not enough salt, or not enough sugar. I can't remember..I'll have to ask my Mom later today, because she knows.

After working out, Brian and I went over to Papa Murphy's in Carrollton (soooo good) and got a Chicken Bacon Artichoke deLITE pizza...Except my half had no chicken or bacon. We hadn't had that in a while - probably a couple months - so it was nice to have it again...

I was really disappointed this morning when I weighed in.. The scale keeps going up a pound a day, and I really CANNOT wait to be off of this dang prednisone (prescribed for my headaches, well to see if it will help). The scale this morning said 156.2lbs. :( Hopefully, once I'm off the medicine (only three days left of it), I'll go down in weight.

- jan 11th - A picture of the treadmill...with my Camelbak waterbottle. I love it. :) I didn't know what to take a picture of for yesterday...

Well I better get back to work and finish these charts so they'll be ready for when the person comes to look at them...


  1. Cramps are a sign of dehydration. I heard it on Grey's and then Googled it. =)

  2. I hadn't thought of that... I know I'm not drinking enough fluids, that's for sure!!

    Thanks :) You're awesome!