Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jinbeh Date Night :)

Yesterday, after work and after my run (I will explain about that later), Brian and I had a double date night with my brother and his wife. We've been talking about going to dinner for like a year now, and we finally went!

It was a lot of fun - we need to do it more often. I got the Hibachi Vegetables (since I'm not eating meat), which was very delicious! I was the only one to clear my plate..but I was HUNGRY by the time we ate, since I ran before going.

Before going to dinner, I ran for almost 30 minutes.. It wasn't that great, but was better than my run on Tuesday night. I didn't eat anything before, so Iw as dragging the whole time. I need to remember to at least eat something light before - like a banana, or bread with peanut butter..something to give me a little more energy.

Tonight, I'm having some girlfriends over to watch Grey's Anatomy.. I'm excited about it! And, of course, I'll get my run in before hand!

I have to get working.. No more web surfing at work :( LOL ;)

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