Monday, January 11, 2010

More Project Life - January 5th through 10th.

Gotta organize my pictures somewhere, until I print them out for my scrapbook project, called "Project Life"

jan 5th - I received my Project Life kit! I was so excited to get it, I opened it up and looked through everything! :) I can't wait to print out my pictures and begin!

jan 6th - This is a regular day at the office, we get coffee after lunch time to keep us awake ;) during the rest of the day. McDonalds has pretty good coffee!

jan 7th - My car was COVERED in ice.. How fun is that? LOL..not! I made sure to get up early to be able to defrost my car... Why is it 27 degrees in Texas?
jan 8th - I babysat for a family in Denton.. The 4 year old and I played on their Wii.. It was a lot of fun!
jan 9th - Brian, Daniel and I went out for dinner to a sushi restaurant in Lewisville called Blue Ocean. It's our new favorite. They had a really nice bathroom with rocks in the sink.
jan 10th - I watched Brayden, this is a weekly thing... We layed down for like litterally two minutes to watch tv.. Then he was up again running around :) I love him!

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