Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Friday!!!! :)

Today has been a good day!

I watched that new show The Deep End last night on ABC, the one that came on before Grey's Anatomy. Desiree refers to it as the "lawyer version of Grey's Anatomy". She is totally right. From what I saw (I watched 15min of it while running, and then the last like 10min), it seemed pretty good..but I better not continue watching it, because knowing me, I will..and I really don't need to get suckered into another show!! I have enough to watch!! :)

I may complain about my job being stressful sometimes, as we only have three employees (plus the doctor) so there's a lot for each of us to do.. but I really do love my job. I am very fortunate to work for such a nice and considerate doctor, and my coworkers and I get along great, for the most part. And I really do LOVE the patient interaction. I love learning about different people, and helping them out. So, I suppose this is a good profession for me. (Atleast something dealing with people, anyways)

(I just figured out the BOLD thingy on here LOL, I know I'm behind)..

We had a lighter clinic today, lighter than usual, because my boss had to leave early to catch a flight - him and his wife are going to VEGAS for the weekend..for a siminar. I told him he was off the hook, since he's going to be working, and not playing around..and he better bring us next time ;) LOL.

Tonight, I'm skipping running (going to be weird not running), because the boyfriend and I are meeting my parents for dinner at On The Border at 5:30pm.. And then I'm supposed to meet some parents at 8:30pm in North Dallas for an "interview" to see if they want me to babysit for their church group..we'll see how that goes. ((OOH maybe I'll run after the interview thing, depends on how I feel)) My Mom told me one thing though, I have to think about how far it is for me to drive to the job, and how many hours I'd be babysitting, and how much they pay. For example, if they pay $12 an hour, for two hours, and it takes $5 (or whatever) for gas, it may not be worth it. But, the interview process will be a good experience for me, either way.

Tomorrow, I'm not sure what I'm going to be doing...maybe watch Brayden for a few hours to help my parents, I know I'll be watching him some on Sunday, but I'm not sure what I'm doing tomorrow. If I don't run tonight, then I'll use today as my "off" day, and run tomorrow. We will seeeeee....

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