Friday, January 22, 2010

Hope everyone had a great Thursday!

Hope everyone had a great Thursday!

Mine wasn't too bad.. We had a busy day at work, on Thursdays we do our Nuclear Stress Tests and we see patients at the same time, which wouldn't be as bad if we had a larger office.. We only have three patient rooms, and during the Nuclear testing, usually two of the three are taken up with the patients here for testing, leaving only one room for patients to see the doctor. Yesterday didn't go too badly though AND we had a drug rep bring us lunch - Potbelly's, which I love! I got the Mushroom Melt "skinny" sandwich on wheat (their skinny sandwiches have less cheese and less bread than the normal sandwiches). I also added artichoke hearts on it, instead of getting their hot peppers..which was delicious! :) LOL I need to get that more often ;)

After work, I sat around on the couch for a while and watched half of Funny People with my boyfriend and his friend, Daniel. It was really funny, what I saw anyways. Then I finally talked myself into going to run on the treadmill (after sitting on the couch for like an hour and a half after getting off work, I wasn't in the mood to exercise), and I'm glad I went running!

My run was okay - I guess it's getting better. I kept getting a cramp on my left side, so I stopped for walk breaks a few times. I ran 30 minutes, like 2.37 miles, and burned like 280 calories.

After my run, my boyfriend had a sandwich ready for me from Subway.. SO I devoured that. I took a picture of my sandwich:

I got a 6" Veggie Patty (which is really yummy, the boyfriend and his friend were joking about how gross it is and how even the dogs wouldn't eat it LOL) with everything on it - yes everything, even jalapenos! :)

OH, and YES my Christmas tree is still up because I don't have anywhere to put it in my apartment, my storage on the patio doesn't have any room either..and I'm embarrased taking it downstairs to put in my car. LOL. I guess I need to do that one night when it's already dark, so maybe people wont see me ;)

Then after eating, I showered, and layed in the bed and watched Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. One of my friends, Sarah, has night classes now on Tuesdays and Thursdays so she can't make it anymore, and Desiree's classes are really busy so she can only come every other week now. And my sister, Ashlee, ended up just going to Whole Foods and stayed home to hang out with her son. So, my girls night ended up just being me and my dog watching tv..

Oliver got groomed, by the way, and I think he looks adorable!! They cut one of his ears shorter than the other (you can kind of tell in the picture) so I think I'll be fixing that this weekend.

Anyways, I have to get working :). Tonight the boyfriend and I are supposed to have a "date night" with my parents... They're going to be discussing my parents kitchen remodel, adding tile on the counters and such, while I enjoy the food. LOL ;)

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