Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up...

I had a pretty good weekend, just wish it was longer, of course...

Saturday, as I posted earlier, I had Brian's Mom over for lunch..which was nice! Then Saturday night Brian and I went over to our friend's Brenda & Philip's house for a barbeque. Their parties are soooo fun! They had hamburgers and hotdogs and a bunch of sides - so I ate the sides... I brought a meat and cheese tray, so I ate a lot of the cheese from the tray.. I didn't have that much to drink, which was good - since I had to do my first "long run" the following morning with my Mom. We watched a football game...The Colts vs...I'm not sure... The Colts won, that's all that mattered ;). I don't understand football, at all, but since all of my relatives live in Indiana, and I like Peyton Manning...I'm all for the Colts going to the superbowl again! LOL...Anyways, we ended up leaving about midnight, got home and went straight to bed!

Sunday morning I woke up a little later than I should've, because I was supposed to be at my Mom's house so we could start our long run "no later than 9am"... I ended up leaving my apartment at like 8:50...and it takes usually 20 minutes to get to my parent's house..and it was foggy yesterday morning so it took a little longer to get there than it normally does.

We got started around 9:30ish (I'm not sure exactly what time, because neither of us looked at the time before starting our run)... It went REALLY well, I kept going faster than I should've been going (pacing like a 10 minute mile) when I should've been going slower, since it was my first long run and all. We had a few walk breaks, and stretch breaks, because both of our calfs were cramping up and my side kept getting a cramp... We ended up doing a little over 3 miles in like 40-ish minutes. Next weekend should go better, because we're going to make sure we eat something before the run (because we forgot..what were we thinking?! LOL), and make sure we stretch really good before starting.

- Right after my run - sorry about my crazy hair. :)

Once we got back to the house, I immediately fixed myself a bowl of oatmeal, because I was very hungry!!!
- Instant Oatmeal (Walmart brand) with probably a tablespoon of peanut butter mixed in with a whole banana. I usually make it with half a banana, but I wanted a whole banana yesterday. :)

After showering, I watched Brayden and we played outside in the backyard for a little while.. And then I ended up bringing him to the Wiggly Play Center in Frisco.. He had a lot of fun! He didn't want to take off his shoes and play at all at first..then when I went up with him to go down the stairs, he remembered how much fun it was there! LOL :) We went up and down the slide like at least 25 times!!! He wore me out!! LOL.. Then we danced a little bit.. When we ended up leaving he was trying to talk me into going to Walmart or Target, because he didn't want to go home! LOL.. Once we got back to the house, I changed his diaper, and put him in his bed for a nap...he didn't cry at all, he was very tired!

I hung out at my parent's house for a little bit longer, and then went home. I had Chipotle for dinner last night - veggie burrito bowl. It was very yummy!

And had some tea before bed... Wildberry Green Tea...
This tea is amazing, it really is! It's kind of expensive, but I think it's worth it. :)
Now off to work...

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